Posted by: createadventurerelaxexplore | April 28, 2010

Bizarre Food Destinations- What do they consider a tasty treat? Take a Bite out of the Phillipines

Food is termed “BIZARRE” by what you are use to. The locations with bizarre food today are from the stand point of a typical Mid-west American and using the video feeds and photos from the show Bizarre Food with Andrew Zimmerman,” which is shown on the Travel Channel.


Let’s Travel to the 


What are your ideal finger foods? In the Philippines, finger food consists of cheese flavored ice cream, deep fried duck eggs, deep fried baby ducks, and shrimp pancakes!

Below is a link to Andrew Zimmerman’s Bizarre Foods Blog for the Philippines:


Are you curious to see what these foods look like? Wanna watch them be cooked? eatten?

Watch the video of Andrew Zimmerman in the Phillippines.

Below are just a few pictures of food prepared in the Phillippines. Wanna take a bite?


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