Posted by: Kelsey Muldoon | April 27, 2010

Most Mysterious Places to Visit: Ireland

Ireland is full of fairytales that are believed to be true by many people of the homeland. This may be silly for some people, but if you ARE Irish, then you need to take on the full experience of visiting Ireland. Even if you are not Irish, the imagination this land provides for its visitors is never ending and along with the green beauty, it makes Ireland one of the top mysterious places to visit.

Every major city you visit in Ireland will have a tale about the land and the people who used to live there. Many tales will involve fairies, gnomes, and witches. They try and convince you so much that its true that people start believing it. They tell the stories to go along with the land so influences you even more. Its hard not to believe these stories when you’re surrounding by such beauty.

If the beauty of the land just isn’t your thing, I’m sure the pubs are! Click here for a list of Ireland’s best pubs!


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