Posted by: akschwend | March 26, 2010


The next site I chose was Stonehenge. It was constructed sometime between 3100 and 1100 BCE. The circle of the stones is arranged so it aligns with the midsummer sunrise and the midwinter sunset. The stones were “bluestones” weighing as much as four tons a piece from more than 240 miles away, and Sarsen stones averaging around 25 tons in weight. Stonehenge took more than 35 million hours of labor. There are more than 900 stone rings among the British Isles, but Stonehenge is the most well known. The purpose of Stonehenge back in the day was for chiefdoms to perform ceremonies, and it was also used as an astronomical observatory. The legend of Stonehenge is that it possesses healing powers. If you wash the rocks and then bathe in that water, you will be healed of whatever ailment consumes you.


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