Posted by: createadventurerelaxexplore | February 26, 2010

Weekly Theme:Best Locations for an Outdoor Adventure

Have you ever wondered if you could survive in the jungle?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim with sharks?                                                                   

            Have you ever wanted to climb an actual volcano?    

     You may be surprised that you can do all of things! First, I would like to suggest a couple websites when searching for great outdoor adventures. has a list of 10 extreme adventures.                    

The travel section on has posted a top outdoor adventure list.

Top 3 picks of the week:

3)Volcano Play: If you want to play on active volcanos, Chile is the place to adventure to. According to, Chile houses a large portion of the volcanos in the world. Two highly suggested volcanos for the active adventurer are Volcan Villarrica, an active volcano located in Pucon, and Volcan Osorno, by Puerto Varas,. For a moderate climb, the active Volcan Villarrica is suggested. Climbers get to experience an awesome butt slide down a toboggan chute! It is climbed by thousands of people each year and can be climbed year round, according to ( When you reach the top, you get the look down at the lava boiling within. For more advanced climbers, Volcan Osorno is recommended but is no longer an active volcano. It requires a more technical climb. Adventurers get to see caves and glacier crevasses during their climbs and walks of the volcano. It is also known as being one of the wonderful locations described by Charles Darwin, according to ( The most suggested time to climb is between December and March and camping is fee free at Las Burbujas refugee.


Volcan Villarrica

Volcan Orsono

2. Diving time in the Galapagos with Whale Sharks and Hammerhead Sharks: The wonderful Galapagos are always a great vacation. What could make it better? The heart- pounding experience of diving with sharks! You take 15 hour boat ride away from main tourist attractions to the remote Galapagos island in the Pacific Ocean. Travelers explore the waters on 1 of 2 luxury yachts. Once the destination is reached. They dive 60 feet and watch as schools of Hammerhead sharks or whale sharks swim over head. It has been reported by ( that up to 30 whale sharks have been seen in just a single dive. When the dive is over, adventurers get to experience quality meals and the relaxing environment of a luxury yacht.

1: You vs. the Jungle (Survival Training in the Guyanese Rainforest): As a child you may have threated that you were going to run away from home, but what if you ran away to the jungle? This is by far an experience of a life time. During this 3 week adventure through the Guyanese Rainforest, explorers are trained on surival. There are no trails in this part of the forest. The participants have a 50 Ibs. pack that includes survival gear and a machete but NO FOOD! Now, you may be asking what you will eat. Staff assists the explorers in how to use hook and line, bow and arrow, and vines natural poisons for fishing because fish is the primary diet during the trip. The trip also includes a great deal of hiking, so this is ideal for those who can’t get enough of hiking. Explorers get to experience sleeping under tarps in hammocks, crossing rivers, experiencing cliff rappels, making fires without the assistance of matches, and even milking vines for water. They get to experience wonderful solitude that is so hard to get in the United States. Exploreres may get to have interaction with indigenous tribes and even get to see HUGE tarantulas, anacondas, jaguars, and a WIDE VARIATION in birds. This type of experience is hard to find and is the #1 BEST LOCATION FOR AN OUTDOOR ADVENTURE!



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